Performance Governance System


CSC-NCR embraces and takes the Performance Governance System (PGS) journey with CSC-NCR PGS Champ and Regional Director Lydia Alba-Castillo as it unveils the PGS Corner strategically located at the 2nd floor of the CSC-NCR Building.  The nook features CSC’s strategic map, First Level/Enterprise Scorecard, 2nd Level Scorecard and Integrated RBPMS-PGS-SPMS and 3rd Level Scorecard (Integrated Performance System).IMG_1492

Aside from these PGS fundamentals, CSC-NCR’s portfolios and collaterals of strategic initiatives  – are neatly displayed.   Among the strategic initiatives are Workforce Planning and Alignment, 3-Phase Stakeholders’ Dialogues, and Creation of the Regional Council for Human Resource Management Practitioners.

In the photo, CSC-NCR Castillo proudly showcases the place to Director Victoria Esber of the Office for Strategy Management.

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